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  Venice Events & Exhibitions

  Venice Carnival 2011 events: The flight of the Angel - 27th february 2011

The “Flight of the Angel” is a traditional event that goes back to the Serenissima period where an unknown guest of Venice, flying along a rope from San Marco bell tower to the middle of the square, w ... [more]

  Venice Carnival 2011: what to expect

The Venice carnival is the most famous carnival in Europe and a number of factors add to the glamor of this carnival including the beautiful city of Venice, the fantastic street music, the splendid ... [more]

  Venice Carnival 2011

Venice Carnival 2011. 19th February to 8th March 2011.

Venice Carnival.

NINETEENTH CENTURY, from Senso to Sissi, to City of Women

Venice, its islands an ... [more]

  VENICE BIENNALE 53rd International Art Exhibition.Making Worlds. Open through 22 November.

53rd International Art Exhibition.
Making Worlds.
Open through 22 November.

53rd edition of the number one contemporary art event in Italy.
The sh ... [more]

  'Prendergast in Italy' at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection - Oct 10 2009 - Jan 3 2010

For the first time in Italy, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection pays tribute to the American artist Maurice Prendergast (St. John’s, Canada, 1858 – New York, USA, 1924) hosting the exhibition “Prendergas ... [more]

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You're in: Venezia / Cannaregio Est

Type: Town House Suite
Town House Suite Casa Novo first class inn 3 stars
Cannaregio - Calle dei Preti 4529 - 30100 - Venezia
Cityzone: Cannaregio Est
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Price range: double min. EUR 80 - double max. EUR 130

The inn is located within walking distance from the Rialto Bridge and is easily reached either from the railway-station, from Piazzale Roma terminal , or from the "Marco Polo" Airport.The inn is located inside a magnificient Venetian building. Its luxurious rooms give into the main hall (longue room) which is specially meant for the relax of our guests. The rooms, all finely furnished, with bathroom/shower, bear the names of well-known historical characters whose have marked the life of the Moste Serene Republic, namely Caterina Cornaro, Marco Polo, Casanova, Vivaldi, Otello, the Doges. The projecting, wrough balconies with stained-glass windows fashioned by Venetian master glassblowers allow our guests to have a glimpse of a still undiscovered Venice. Your staying become more interesting in our rooms: Caterina Cornaro room It's the most spacious one among the Inn's rooms. The furniture of value and the stuccos create an elegant and exclusive room, destinated to the memory of C. Cornaro - Queen of Cipro , who gave her kingdom to the Serenissima Republic in the XV century. Marco Polo room It's the room that recalls exploit of the great explorer grown in Campiello del Milion , in the surroundings of the Inn. Casanova room Obviously , the room in demand! Casanova is the most known and chatted characters in the history of Venice. The valuable furniture creates an atmospher between legend and history in a XVII century style. Antonio Vivaldi room Antonio Vivaldi is one if the biggest interpreters of the Venetian music of the XVII century. The small concert-halls where Vivaldi became famous to the city was little bigger than the room to him dedicated; the atmosphere is the same. The room of the Doges The Doge was the most important political figure in Venice from 697 to 1797.The Doge room is the richest of precious decorations and furniture in perfect Venetian style.. Otello room The life of the known character internaves with the history of Venice and in some passages of the play you can roscognize plots and passions of Venetian nobility.

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